About Us

I’m a dog mom who is totally smitten with Leo and Simba, my two Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I’m also the founder of PURE CODE, a beauty company focused on clean beauty and wellness solutions for the skin, body and hair. I created PETCODE PAWS because I wanted to give my fur babies the same kind of safe, effective and beautiful haircare and skincare experiences that I create for people.

PETCODE  PAWS is a range of grooming products and tools that bring out the full beauty of every pet. Working with multi-beneficial ingredients like Argan oil (my very favorite smoothing and nourishing ingredient for human skin and hair) and no harsh chemicals or alcohol ever, we’re bringing our in-depth knowledge of skincare and haircare to pet care. I can’t wait for you to see what PETCODE PAWS products can do for your best friend’s skin and coat.

My goal is to bring you and your pet closer together - with tools and spa-quality products that turn pet care responsibilities into good times you share with your furry babies.

I hope you and your pet enjoy the experience as much as Leo, Simba and I do.